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Shampoo and Style - {Means} shampoo and style only


Shampoo relaxer on sides - shampoo and relaxer on sides and back

Shampoo and Demi - shampoo and Demi added


Select appropriate appointment 

Please note that we have a grace period for being late. My express services require the full allocated booking time, so if you are running late and I don’t have enough time to complete your service before the next scheduled appointment, I hope you understand that I cannot make other customers wait and will need to reschedule your appointment. That said, I will always make every attempt to accommodate late arrivals. Late arrivers that cannot be accommodated.



I allocate up 1hr ½ for regular shampoo and style, if you think your hair may take longer due to length, thickness or curls, please email your appointment so that I can set aside the proper amount of time needed.

Notice to all Patrons a trim and a haircut is the excact same service therfore the price remains the same.