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Before your next hair appointment, you want to know what to expect. There are some dos and don'ts of being in a salon, however, most salon etiquette happens before you ever sit in a the Haute Seat chair. Being prepared for your hair appointment is just as important as the appointment itself. Doing just a few extra steps before you come in will help you make the most of the time with your MimiJ. As any stylist will tell you, having a photo of what you want helps them tremendously. Wondering what else you should do before your next hair appointment? Here are a few salon etiquette tips that you need to know before your appointment with MimiJ

Booking in advance. MimiJ rarely have appointment times available the same day. Schedule appointments in advance for hair color or special events very important to share information before salon visit. If you're needing an appointment around any holiday seasons, then I suggest booking an appointment weeks head of time. Most salon are absolutely crazy during those times of year.

Saying that you "just need a change" doesn't let your stylist know what type of change that you want. A short cut? A drastic color change? Before your next appointment, do a bit of research on what you would like to do to your hair. If you aren't sure how to communicate it, then (I can't express this enough) bring in a photo or two. It's the easiest way to convey to MimiJ exactly what you want. Virtual Consultation Want your hair a vivid color or try a new haircut, but unsure? Set up a virtual consultation with your MimiJ. These virtual consultations usually take less than 15 minutes, and allows the two of you to work out the perfect plan for your style before your next hair appointment. Book Accordingly When you schedule appointments, always select correct appointment which block appropriate time for hair service. Different hair techniques for different hair types, so timing a hair service is vital for a better experience. So, when it comes to booking hair service select added additional service.

MimiJ is highly skilled hair cutting, and product knowledge.

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